Very Berry Smoothie


Very Berry Smoothie is geweldig om te drinken op elk moment van de dag.

Onze Smoothies zijn 100% groenten en fruit smoothie-packs zijn heerlijk, in voorgedoseerde 150g-zakjes.

Ingrediënten: Blueberry


All fruits and vegetables are processed at the peak of freshness, and gently conserved through deep freezing. Aroma, flavour, and nutrients are thus optimally preserved. Making life easier through convenient 150g pouches, with no peeling, no deseeding, and no spoilage.

Why choose our smoothies?

– no added sugar

– no concentrates

– GMO free

– allergen free


250 ml basic fruit juice or apple juice or water per smoothie pack in the blender.

1 frozen pack Power Green Smoothie bag with 150 grams in the blender.

Then turn on the blender and wait about 30-40 seconds until the smoothie is blended. For 2 smoothies and 3 smoothies, blends for about 15 and 30 seconds longer.

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