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6 Best Super Fruits From Around The World That You Cannot Miss

Undoubtedly, Mother Nature has always been quite a blessing for humans and has filled the world around with Her with exotic produce. One among the many is Her creation of fruits – that is undeniably great. It’s variety, and types often fascinate us. However, certain super fruits come with health-packed benefits and are probably not something that you tend to see around, too often. But thanks to the recent revolutionary glocalization that has bridged the gap and has brought us so close to avail them – with just a tap! Never heard of them? Here we are with seven super fruits that you cannot miss. 



Have you ever seen a grape? Kumquats are nothing but a bit bigger than the original grapes and come in bite-size. Unlike grapes, it isn’t majorly sweet and bursts into a dual flavor of sweet and sour. Coming to their nutritional benefits, they happen to be a rich source of Vitamin C and fiber. Apart from that, there are also smaller percentages of B Vitamins, Vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Being high in antioxidants, they help to lose weight promptly and also keep you hydrated for long. Nonetheless, Kumqats are one of the best super fruits that you can savour in our acai bowls. 

  • Rich in plant compounds and flavonoids that aid heart disease and cancer. 
  • The chemical structure of the phytosterols present in kumquats balances the cholesterol levels of your body. 
  • Due to the presence of several vitamins and additional compounds, the super fruit promotes a healthy immune system.



Looking for food that is packed with nutrients and can boost your antioxidant levels? Then, Carambola is the one that you must go for. The exotic star fruit with a greenish and yellow color tinge has a lemon tart-like taste to it, and will surely tame your cravings. Leaving the taste aside, the nutritional benefits of the superfruit are great as well. Being rich in antioxidants and extremely low in calories, the fruit comes up as the best option if you are considering losing some weight. Along with vitamins, it consists of dietary fibers and components like phosphorous, zinc, and iron that take care of the body’s overall immune system. 

  • The anti-inflammatory benefit helps to fight various skin disorders and flushes out toxins from the body. 
  • Due to a more significant percentage of sodium and potassium, it keeps your heart healthy. 
  • The calcium present in the fruit regulates the levels of blood pressure by reducing the chances of strokes and heart attacks.
Acai fruit Puree

Acai Berry 

Our list is incomplete without mentioning the humble acai berry. Acai Berry is a traditional Brazilian super-fruit that is said to originate amid the amazon rainforest. Acai Berries are a distant cousin to the blueberries. They have a distinct sweet-sour taste. Weight loss, immunity, good digestion, blood flow, metabolism are a few of the many benefits that this super fruit has.  Being our signature product, we sell acai berries in pureed form, making it easy to blend with your favourite conditments and toppings. 


Quinces have been a fruit of contradictions, and there have been a lot of myths regarding its effect on our health. Keeping the myths aside, the super fruit is filled with essential vitamins and minerals that make a nutritional addition to your everyday diet. Apart from the array of nutrients, the super fruit comes as a rich source of antioxidants and fiber as well that ensures a good metabolism and keeps the chances of inflammation at bay. 

  • The presence of antioxidants helps to fight severe heart diseases. 
  • Protects the cell structure of the body from free radical damages. 
  • Keeps nausea feeling away during pregnancy.


Sized much like a golf ball, Rambutans are often assumed to be a sea urchin due to the similar body structure. Deriving its existence from the family of lychees, the fruit has an array of nutritional benefits to offer. The fruit has beneficial plant compounds, vitamins, and minerals present in it that keeps your body’s cell growth in check and ensures a smooth nervous system. Even it’s peel and seeds prove to be too beneficial, and have fiber contents that make it worth every penny spent on it. 

  • The insoluble fiber percentage keeps your digestive system in check. 
  • The presence of fatty acids aids for disorders related to the gut and also reduces the body’s inflammation. 
  • It can keep you hydrated for long and satiates your craving.


The exotic tropical fruit is no less than a wonder fruit with numerous health healing benefits. The slightly sweet and sour taste of the fruit undoubtedly matches up to the family it belongs to. The vitamins and minerals present in it smoothen the body’s activity to produce DNA, heal scars, and aids better functioning of nerves. Its rich antioxidant profile is also capable of treating a number of chronic diseases. 

  • Aids for cancers and heart diseases because of the unique anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Tames your midday or midnight cravings by keeping you full for long. 
  • The compounds of xanthone control the level of blood sugar.

Wondering where you can avail of these super fruits? Well, though they are now available in certain markets – not all. Cutting off the risks, you can, however, order their blends and smoothies – fresh and authentic from Acai Amsterdam. 

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