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There is now a nice way to have always acai and fruit puree in the freezer. Imagine how amazing it would be to effortlessly create the best fresh smoothies or Acai bowls whenever you want. With a one-time purchase, you can stock up for a while, but let's face it – sometimes you forget to order, and that's a shame. For those who crave convenience, we offer subscriptions. Say goodbye to those "out of stock" moments. We'll ensure a box of your favorite products arrives at your doorstep automatically every month.

Our Plans


Single Purchase Always
  • Fruit puree from €2.48/100g
  • Simple and flexible system

5% discount

Eco Fuel 3 months
  • Fruit puree from €2.35/100g
  • Easy delivery 3 months

10% discount

Fresh Fusion 6 Months
  • Fruit puree from €2.23/100g
  • Plan 6 months

Single Purchase

Enjoy the flexibility of ordering your favorite frozen fruit purees and smoothies whenever you
want. No strings attached, just pure goodness on your terms.

Get 5% discount

Eco Fuel

Delivery every month during the period of 3 Months (5% Off) Indulge in the convenience of regular
deliveries. Receive your favorite products every month for three months with a 5% discount. It’s
s like clockwork, keeping your freezer stocked with the best.

Get 10% discount

Fresh Fusion

Delivery every month for 6 Months (10% Off) Embrace the art of planning ahead.
Opt for our six months delivery plan and receive a 10% discount. Your freezer will thank you,
and you’ll always have a tasty treat at hand.


Explore our shop filled with the finest premium organic Acai, fruit purees, smoothies, and
smoothie bowls.
We have diverse recipes and options for your favorite breakfast, lunch, or snack.
Scroll through various categories and treat yourself!

Throughout the store, you can click to add your favorite Acai, smoothie, smoothie bowl, frozen superfruit, blender or smoothie bowl accessory to your cart,
blender or smoothie bowl accessory to add to your cart. Your cell phone has never been healthier!

Choose a subscription or a one-time purchase
By default, a one-time purchase is selected. If you want your freezer to always be stocked with healthy smoothie bowls or Acai,
Then select a subscription in your cart. The exclusive discount is applied immediately. Then click on “checkout.”
If you want to learn more about subscriptions, keep reading.


Choose a Single Time Purchase or a monthly subscription
By default, a one-time purchase is selected.
Select a subscription in the product page. The exclusive discount is applied instantly. Then, click “checkout.”
applied. Then click on “checkout.”

Order before 16:30 p.m. and we will deliver on the next calendar day. Would you like to change your delivery date or
special instructions? No problem. Let us know by responding to the email confirming your order or call our sales during business hours
support during business hours at tel. 06 9950 5083.

We deliver orders in Amsterdam Monday through Friday (excluding some holidays).
We deliver orders outside Amsterdam on Tuesdays and Thursdays (excluding some holidays).

Your order will be delivered on the date you choose, which is indicated on the invoice in your email confirmation.
You will receive a real-time track & trace in your email to track your delivery.


All the products we deliver are frozen and stay perfectly preserved in your freezer.
They’re super compact and take up minimal space.
With a subscription, we make sure you always have fresh Acai, fruit purees, smoothies or
smoothie bowls at hand.


And now, the real fun begins! Creating a healthy snack, breakfast or a delicious lunch is a
For the first time, we’ve included a preparation guide. It explains how to make each
product or category.
After that, you’ll always have the best smoothie, Acai, or other smoothie bowl ready in just a minute!


When you order one of the subscriptions, you pay for the first month directly through the website.
With this you also authorize the direct debit for the following
months. The next payment will be made exactly one month later.
By ordering a subscription you also have an obligation for the monthly payment.

How can I stop my subscription?

All subscriptions end automatically at the end of the requested period. If you
want to continue our subscription, you have to request a new one.
Canceling a subscription in the meantime is in principle not possible, because we have
already given you a discount,

but we understand that situations can change and therefore
we ask you if you want to stop your subscription to contact us at
our e-mail address: info@acaiamsterdam.nl. We will then work together to find a solution.

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