Acai Pure Protein Bowl

An Acai bowl full with proteins to start your day full of energy.

10 minutes


Breakfast and in between

A delicious bowl full of protein. Just fine to start your day or quit your sports session.



1 pack acai sugar free 100g from Acai Amsterdam
1 banana
1 glass of milk
1 handful of frozen berries
1 spoon peanut butter

topping: Granola, cocoa powder

Benodigde keukenspullen


Tip: Leave some flowing hot water over the packaging of the Acai streams (this will release the packaging).

Then mix in a blender: banana, milk, frozen berries, peanut butter and cocoa powder. Once combined, add the Acai (break it into pieces)

Mix again and add more milk if necessary.

Scoop in a bowl and fill it with granola, fresh berries, cocoa chips (or chocolates) and other delicacies you like.

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