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How is Acai Amsterdam Promoting Immunity Boosters – Benefits of our products

A pandemic is a fantastic excuse to pile up immunity boosters. However, consuming adequate amount of immunity boosters is the need of every body, regardless of a pandemic. Immunity boosters give your body the strength to fight any potential diseases that might attack your body, and in some cases they can also prevent disease causing antigens from affecting your body. Acai Amsterdam is dedicted to the cause of promoting the concept of immunity boosters in The Neterlands, through our nutrient-rich products listed on our store. We have an array of exotic Fruit Purees, Acai, Smoothies and Granola that act as sureshot immunity boosters during this unfortunate pandemic. Lets dive into the benefits from some of these products.  

Acai Puree

Acai needs no introduction! Our signature product, Acai Puree is one the best in the Netherlands. Acai has been scientifically proven to help boost your immunity, due to its immense benefits. To name a few, Acai Puree promotes good metabolism, weight loss, clear skin and good digestion. Last but not the least, Acai is great for your taste-buds that crave for a lip-smacking snack. 



Granola is the latest addition to our menu, yet it is one of our best sellers. Thanks to the wholesome amount of immunity boosting agents! Our crunchy granola comes in two flavors, coconut and cranberry, both unique for their health benefits. Brazil nuts, chia seeds, cranberries and coconut make granola rich in anti-oxidants which help prevent many infectious diseases! The abundant amount of nuts such as hazel nuts, walnuts, pecanuts and almonds are rich in essential oils that help keep your skin moist! 

Ginger Veggie Detox Smoothie

Acai Amsterdam’s Ginger Veggie Detox Smoothie has goodness of carrot, ginger and bell-peppers. Ginger helps ease out cough and cold, which is a must during this pandemic. Carrot, bell-peppers and ginger together help in detoxing your body, hence flushing out harmful substances to keep you free of harmful bacteria. 

Dragon Fruit

Bio Pitaya Fruit Puree

Dragon Fruit is popular for its rich nutrients. Consuming dragon fruit frequently can help you get rid of many harmful diseases. Our flavorusome dragon fruit puree can do wonders! It can help in lowering your blood sugar, warding off harmful bacteria, and last but not the least, it is an amazing immunity booster!

It is not easy to conclude this article, especially when all our products are beneficial in some or the other way. For example, the green smoothie is amazing for weight loss and acerola being abundant in vitamin C that helps in preventing cold and flu. Nonetheless, we will cover many such products in further articles on our blog ! 

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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