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5 tips to make the most out of this pandemic and stay fit

No one can deny the fact that this pandemic has disrupted our fitness regime to a very large extent. With gyms shut, health bars closed, staying fit is a large concern for many. We believe that there are no excuses against maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When some avenues are shut, new ones are open. Similarly, it is the time to ditch your age old gym routine and try something natural, something more spiritual. We have compiled a list of some ultra-unique things that you can include in your daily fitness regime.

1. Yoga 

This ancient Indian exercise has taken over the world in a storm in the last decade. Yoga is known to stimulate your mind and internal organs in a very healthy way. It is a spiritual art of stretching your body to release good hormones and enzymes that promote weight loss, reduce high blood pressure, help in curtailing diabetes, and boost mental and cognitive powers. This video shows some interesting and effective Yoga practices that you can easily inculcate in your daily schedule. 


2. Meditation

Meditation is practiced across many cultures, especially in Buddhism and Hinduism. The sole purpose comprises cleansing the inner toxins in our body. We often forget about our mental health, while working tirelessly at the gym, consuming protein shakes etc. Being mentally fit is equally important. Meditation is one such way to encourage your brain to perform magical functions. A simple google search will give you numerous tutorials. 


3. Make a healthy yet a tasty meal

Craving for something utterly delicious in between green salads, diet food and bitter juices? Eating healthy is not about eating food that tastes sombre. You can treat yourself with some smoothies, granola and fruit purees. Consuming food that is uncooked aids in a better physique. At Amsterdam, we provide fresh and natural Acai in the Netherlands. We guess you already know about the benefits of Acai! Nonetheless, to liven up your taste-buds we also provide some lip-smacking healthy smoothies in the Netherlands!


4. Cycle your heart out 

This list is incomplete without mentioning cycling. The Netherlands and cycling go hand-in-hand. The Dutch commute everywhere on their cycles, however many don’t know that cycling is amazing for their health and physique. You can replace your gym hours with a cycle session in the Vondelpark next time!


5. Morning Walks are not that cliché 

If cycling is not your cup-of-tea, don’t miss out on a morning walk. Netherlands is blessed with numerous walker friendly parks, which can keep you on the go. The chilly mornings can be a good reason to take your pet out for a walk, or admire the picturesque sunrise. Nonetheless, walking regularly keeps you fitness consistent and improves your blood flow. 

These were some of the key ways in which you can battle your lousy fitness regime this pandemic. The Netherlands has a lot to offer, from beautiful jogging tracks in every city to our nationwide Acai Delivery. Now you must have no excuses for working out during Covid 19. 

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