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7 ways you can include Granola in your diet – Granola Ideas Copy

Have you ever munched on a granola bar while you were on some camping trip or perhaps just returning home from school? Then you will know that granola is one of the most easy-to-eat foods. From breakfast to lunch, you will be able to enjoy granola with almost every meal. Apart from taste, many people like granola for its healthy mix while others like it for its crunch. This just proves how versatile granola is. So let’s check out 7 innovative ways you can include granola in your diet. These are:

Coconut Granola

Breakfast Cereal Granola

Want to make your breakfast more healthy? Then add granola to your cereal. You will get that extra crunch, and that granola will liven up your soggy cereal. Note that you can definitely also only consume granola for breakfast. But don’t forget to add in some yogurt with it to make it a cool and healthy mix. 

Pancake Granola

If you are thinking of having pancakes, add granola to your pancake batter. This will make your pancakes crunchy. Know that you can even add blueberries to that mixture to make your pancakes delicious. Another option is that you can sprinkle granola on your smoothie as well and complete the set.

Granola Coated Chicken Tenders

If you plan on having some chicken tenders, then use granola instead of breadcrumbs to coat them. It will give you that extra crunch and a more savory taste. Also, note that along with this, you can add-in granola to meatloaves, meatballs, and hamburgers to give them some texture as well.

Granola Roasted Yams

If you are making roasted yams, then adding granola crumbs to it will give you a nice crunch. Apart from yams, you can add in a sprinkle of granola on sweet-potato crumble as well. Do know that you will be able to add granola with vegetables and enjoy them as side dishes.

Granola Stuffing 

If you are making stuffing, then you can replace breadcrumbs with granola. It will be healthy, and you will get an extra crunch. Also, note that if you are making potato crisps or potato stuffing, then you can add granola in it too. It will be healthy and crunchy too!

Granola Bowl 

You can make a delicious granola bowl easily by adding yogurt and berries to your granola mix. It will taste fresh and refreshing for sure. Know that along with this; you can even make yogurt and berry pops before adding crumbled granola to it. This will taste delicious in the hot weather.

Know that if you plan on experimenting with granola, then the ideas given above are a great way to start your journey. Once you have done these, you can begin experimenting on your own. After all, granola is just so versatile that it can be used virtually everywhere. So wrack your brain and find out new ways of using granola. Have fun creating, experimenting, and eating!

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