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Why should you drink more smoothies over soft drinks- Benefits of smoothies

Smoothies are a healthy beverage whose popularity is increasing due to the benefits its constituents have. This quencher is portable, tasty as well as easy to prepare. You can also avail them from numerous grocery stores. The flavors can be modified too according to your taste. You should always prefer smoothies over soft drinks as soft drinks are manufactured using carbonated water and artifice flavoring which does much harm to your health. It is not at all healthy like the smoothies. The sweetening syrup used is at times sugar or sugar substitute which makes your drink tastier, but you gain much fat and calorie as you consume these soft drinks.

There are no benefits that you can get from soft drinks. Instead, you can gain many benefits if you choose smoothies, as besides being tasty it is healthful. Some major benefits you can have from smoothies are :

Power Smoothie

One of the best ways for weight loss!

Instead of skipping meals and maintaining diets, you can have smoothies that help in reshaping your body. The most crucial benefit of smoothie is that it helps you lose weight due to the nutritious ingredients it has, which acts as a substitute for any other food or beverage that you consume. The fruit enzymes also help in dissolving the body fats.

Helps prevent dehydration

During summer as well as in other seasons, water is something that keeps your body hydrated. Having smoothies in breakfast or during the whole day maintains the water level in your body and deters dehydration. Acai Amsterdam sells its flagship very berry smoothie which is ideal for both weight loss & prevention of dehydration, due rich water & antioxidant content in the blue berries. 

Regualate Food Cravings

How often do you crave for that cheesy slice of pizza or a meaty burger? However, after trying smoothies, you will forger these cravings! The compounds like polyphenols that are the constituents of Acai, reduce the advancement of malfunctioning cells by 86 percent. Though this cannot be accorded as a treatment as research is going on, yet the effectiveness cannot be denied.

Improves Digestion 

Smoothies that have constituents like green leaves and vegetables are not only a source of vitamins and minerals but also helps indigestion. This is so because the fiber that the green veggies provide acts as a catalyst to your digestive system. As you can sip and have smoothies throughout the day, it benefits your digestion. You can try our Green Power Smoothie, which will surely boost your metabolism & keep your weight loss goals intact! 

Boosts Immunity

We all know soft-drinks are a BIG NO when it comes to immunity, instead, Coca Cola & Fanta have been clinically criticized for damaging your bones! Switching to smoothies would be the smartest move here!Green veggies and fruits are always a good source that can enhance your immunity. Immunity is your ability to fight against various diseases. Smoothies provide you that potential as it has ingredients that provide you beta-carbonate that helps in boosting your health. 

Deters Sleeping Disorders

After having a can of soft-drink late at night, the first thing you might complain about it acidity. Not to mention, it keeps you awake all night! 

People of all ages throughout the globe frequently face sleeping disorders and uneasiness. This may be due to insufficient nutrients intake and quenchers like smoothies help in restoring this. Having smoothies that contain bananas, oats, and kiwis are a good source of magnesium and calcium that deters your uneasiness and lets you sleep properly.

How to make a Basic Smoothie ? 

Smoothies are simple to make, & delicious when relished. A simple recipe would include adding proportionate amount of Greek Yoghurt, milk or equivalent dairy substitute & fruits of your choice! Blend them and top it up with dry fruits, chia seeds & toppings of your preference.

Finally, as an endnote, it can be said once more that smoothies are always a better option instead of soft drinks. It has many health benefits as the fruits or veggies are not peeled. Peeling removes the fiber intake that could be gained. Thus in smoothies, the fiber and antioxidants stay locked and give you the whole benefit of fruit or veggie with a proper taste. Consequently, smoothies can be the best alternative for soft drinks.

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