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7 Natural Immunity Boosters You Cannot Ignore During This Pandemic – Acai Amsterdam

To stay fit and healthy it is important to have a strong immune system. The benefit of a strong immunity system is that it keeps you away from cold, flu, and other infections. It is important to bear in mind that any supplements or medicines that are taken are synthetic and will therefore bring other side effects in your health system rather than improving the situation. The best way to boost immunity is by means of improving your diet and lifestyle. There are some super foods that can help in improving immunity systems of our bodies:


Fruit puree

Fruits are full of essential vitamins and minerals. They are safeguards of the body that protect the body from all sorts pod diseases. Even there medicines that have Vitamin C and are prescribed for treating common cold and cough. Fruit puree when consumed have the goodness of fruits along with the puree have fiber and its goods for health and immunity system. Importantly they taste good and can be part of your daily diet in the form of some simple recipes. At Acai Amsterdam, we have an assorted selection of delicious fruit purees that you can choose from. 

Red Bell Peppers

Red bell peppers have immense quantity of vitamin CV and beta carotene, they are the best ingredient to naturally increase your immunity. Not only this it helps to have good skin. Including it in your diet will be beneficial for your skin, health, and it improves the taste of any food that has it.  

Acai Berry 

Acai berry- the acai seeds are super food and they taste as good as any other berry. They do not taste exactly like a berry but have a very similar taste with the inclusive taste of soil and chocolate. Having acai bowls helps you to stay fit and healthy without worrying about the calorie intake, as they are low in it. At Acai Amsterdam, we actively promote Acai Bowls. You can check our shop for some amazing products. 


Garlic is a super food that has been used since ages for improving health and immunity. Chinese and Ayurveda medicines have given due importance to it since ages. It improves the taste of food and adds top your immunity system without much effort. It contains a sulfur-containing element that works wonders for your health. 


Broccoli is a much-celebrated exotic vegetable and so are the health benefits that it can give to one. It contains a lot of fiber and vitamins, which is really good for your health. The best way to cook it is as little as possible to keep its nutritional value intact. Simply steam it and add a few herbs and seasoning and the most nutritional food is in your plate.  Our Green Power Smoothie has a broccoli along with many other immunity boosters !


This is one of the super foods that boosts your immunity and has lived through cultures. It even helps to boost your immunity. It is rich in vitamin D as it improves the immunity system and boosts the capability of the body to work against the diseases. Plain home made yogurt is the best to consume as the store bought ones are full of sugar and preservatives and will do more harm that any good. 

Immunity can be improved not only by inclusion of super food in the diet but also with maintain a proper lifestyle and following an active exercise regime. To maintain strong immunity system it is crucial that stress free life is led and regular detox is done. It is not very difficult to maintain a strong immunity system with the help of other super foods and a few more like green vegetables, lime, cottage cheese, and much more a very healthy and strong immunity system can be maintained, for its rightly said prevention is better than cure.

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