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How to use Acai Puree & make an Acai feast from it?

People like to experiment with various kinds of foods and fruits. One of the kinds of fruits which is the most experimented on is Acai Puree. It is a dark-purple berry which tastes not-that-good actually. In fact the actual fruit tastes like soil and bitter berry. This is why people love to experiment with Acai Puree so much. They want to make something amazing from something which isn’t so delicious. 

So to help you out we are here with the best ten Acai Puree recipes: 

Acai Bowl

Acai Bowls are all over the place. They are tried and tested! To make an Acai Bowl you will need one small-bowl of berry mix, one Acai Puree pack, as well as one banana. If you have banana flakes, mango, soy milk, and chopped nuts then bring them as well. Now blend the Acai Puree with other berries and fruits in the blender. Then take it out, pour it into the bowl and garnish with nuts and coconut flakes.  You can also use any other toppings of your choice. 

Acai Bowl


 Smoothies can be made with literally with everything. You can make an Acai smoothie by blending the fruit with coconut water. You can also use Greek yogurt and top it up with all the amazing toppings.  As a result you will get to drink something quickly and easily. Even if you don’t like the Acai Smoothie, our store has a wide range of different fruit smoothies to choose from. 

Acai Smoothie

Milk Acai

If you don’t like the taste of coconut water with Acai, then you add milk to it instead. To make this, add in milk instead of coconut water when blending the Acai. You will get a creamy texture which will feel smooth and rich on your tongue. 

Berry Acai

To make berry Acai, you just need to blend the Acai and then add berries on top of it. You can choose blackberries and strawberries for this. Tip: Keep them frozen for better crunch.

Honey Acai

Are you a vegan or if you don’t want to add anything to the Acai and want to taste it by itself to maintain its purity then this is the best recipe for it. To make this, just add in a drizzle of honey when blending the Acai. Know that honey will negate the bitter taste and it will go down easily.  You can also add honey as a topping to your acai bowls. 

Chocolate Chip Acai

If you add in chocolate chips on the Acai Puree after blending it, then you will get this wondrous little dish. Chocolate tastes great and will do more so with the Acai. You can also add coconut granola to make this dish really rich and tasty. 

Protein Powder Acai

If you love to work out and stay healthy then this dish is for you. It can be a healthy substitute to protein shake.  To make protein powder acai this, just add in the protein powder with the Acai in the blender. Don’t forget to garnish with fresh fruits or toppings. 

So, if you are looking for some Acai recipes, then you can try all the above out. They  all taste great and is healthy as well.


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