About Us

Who are we?

My name is Rui Vieira, founder of Acai Amsterdam. In 2006 I moved from Brazil to the Netherlands with the dream entrepreneur. The goal is to contribute to a better world. A better world means a healthy world for us, honest for everyone and in harmony with nature.

The idea of selling Acai started when I opened a shop in the south of Brazil with a friend. We sold fresh Acai bowls, Pitaya (dragon fruit), Mango and other fruitpurees. Especially the Acai bowls are very popular and an indispensable part of the beach culture in Brazil. The acai is a symbol of vitality and strength, thanks to the healing and nutritious properties of the fruit.

Ultimately, the dream arose to bring this tropical lifestyle to Europe. We do this by offering the best, healthiest fruits from among others the Brazilian jungles.

What do we do?

At Acai Amsterdam We are constantly looking for the best and healthiest fruit and vegetable products that are committed to fair trade and respect for nature.

We only choose top quality products. We pick these ripe and are immediately frozen at the pinnacle of freshness. The advantage of frozen fruitpurees is that it prevents wastage and keeps as many nutrients as possible. In addition, it ensures an easy and quick preparation of the daily fruit needs-without cutting and immature fruit.
In short, we bring you the best, healthiest fruit purees out there.

What is our contribution to a better world?

For us, a company should not only think of making a profit. If this is the sole purpose of a company, it can be at the expense of values that are much more important than profit. Think of the social communities of the farmers who are ultimately the start of the production chain. Every successful company, in our opinion, has a duty to take care and return when it can.

The Amazon rainforest is the largest area in the world of its kind. We see her not only as a source of countless life forms, but as one great living being. Only when we treat her with love and respect can we continue to enjoy the delicious and healing fruits she offers. This harmonious relationship between man and nature has been preserved for centuries by the original inhabitants of the rainforests. We like to continue this tradition.

Success for us means a progression of farming communities in Brazil. The farmers are the basis that makes our company possible. We would like to give them more economic certainty and promote sustainable agriculture.

What is our mission?

We want to be the market leader in the online sale of fruit, where we are known for the top quality of our products, respect for communities and the emphasis on sustainability. We want to help as many people as possible to go healthy through life and enjoy the products that our love is going through.

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