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With a mission to support sustainable agriculture in South Africa, we have been continuously spreading joy and power of tropical fruits with you. Our assortment consists of perfectly composed fruit blends. Packaged in handy portion bags, so you can enjoy the tastiest and healthiest smoothies and fruit bowls in no time!


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Red Fruit Smoothie

A tempting drink with a pleasantly satisfying taste. This delicious blend of the best raspberries and strawberries pamper your body with the natural, healthy sweetness of red forest fruits. In addition to being ‘ The candy of nature ‘, forest fruits are valued for their positive effects on health. They are packed with antioxidants, so they protect your body against all kinds of damage. Forest fruits help to keep the blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels healthy. So they are ideal gems of nature to enjoy every day!

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Bio Pitaya (Red Dragon Fruit) frozen Fruit Puree

The Red Dragon fruit originates mainly from subtropical areas and owes its name to the jagged Peel, resembling a dragon’s skin. It is also called Pitaya or Pitahaya. Its beautiful pink sweet pulp gives every fruit bowl or smoothie an exciting color and is packed with healthy seeds. An ideal source of vitamin C, E and B, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

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